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Admiral Staging 3-speed stage fan
Tuotekoodi: EFNEPLV10
Fan This lightweight fan makes sure there is perfect airflow for distribution of your haze or fog. The Admiral fan has a diameter of 30cm and is fitted with a 3 speed selection.
Admiral Staging All-in-one ramp support
Tuotekoodi: POPORU5
Universal ramp support A ramp is a sloping platform made of Stage decks that are a 1x 2 meter rectangle. Flight cases and other materials can be rolled onto a stage using a ramp. Depending on the height of your stage, two or three pieces of a ramp can be linked together. These Stage decks are connected and held in place by our Universal ramp support. You will often only need one Ramp support to build your desired ramp. The Universal ramp support has been designed to fit stages that are rising by 15 or 20 cm. A matching set of legs are available for each length/height of the ramp.
Admiral Staging Ramp slope aluminum 50cm wide
Tuotekoodi: POPORA50
Ramp Build your perfect ramp with these compact ramp attachments. The compact size and light weight makes the attachments very manageable. In addition, they hook themselves onto the stage decks for optimal safety. The parts are provided with anti-slip rubber feet and can be linked, if desired, with two M10 screws.
SIXTY82 ETP clamp
Tuotekoodi: 360035
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