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Build a grid

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Admiral Staging Cover for grid tube round 50mm black
Tuotekoodi: RIGRBUK50
Cover for grid tube round 50mm black Cover for tube Once a grid is built and hung it looks better to cover the open ends of the round tubes. This cover fits perfectly to our 50 mm round tube. The cover slides over the pipe and covers the entire front face of the tube.
Admiral Staging Grid bracket 48/51mm tube WLL 40kg
Tuotekoodi: RIGROPC4
Grid bracket 48/51mm tube WLL 40kg Grid tube bracket The Admiral Grid bracket is a convenient and adjustable mounting bracket for hanging 50 mm grid tubes on the ceiling. The bracket can be hung on a threaded rod of M10. The threaded rod can "move" 80 mm in this bracket so that multiple brackets can be levelled in line.
Admiral Staging Grid multibar-slide bracket for tube 50 mm
Tuotekoodi: RIGROPK6
Grid multibar-slide bracket for tube 50 mm Admiral Staging Grid Material A grid is a system of tubes mounted 90 degrees to each other. Two aluminum tubes of 50mm are fitted with a special clamp. This Admiral Staging clamp will help you build a stable grid with ease. This clamp is specially meant for mounting multibar onto a round tube.
Admiral Staging Grid tube aluminum 50x 2,5mm 6m length black
Tuotekoodi: RIGRBU45
Grid tube This grid tube is available in a black coated version. The tube is 50 mm in diameter with a thickness of 2.5 mm. To hang the tubes, various brackets and couplers are available.
Admiral Staging Grid tube connector for 50x 2,5mm
Tuotekoodi: RIGRBU60
Grid connector part To connect the Admiral Grid tubes a connector part is available. This metal pipe fits right in the grid tube and is fixed with a rivet. The grid tube stays tight in line for optimal grid building.
Admiral Staging Grid wall bracket 48/ 51mm
Tuotekoodi: RIGROPC6
Grid wall bracket 48/ 51mm Grid wall bracket Using this bracket the tubes of a grid can be firmly mounted to the wall. This bracket serves for mounting a round tube (48 to 51mm in diameter) to the wall. The mounting plate has 3 holes to allow easy mounting to a wall. A wire bracket connects the grid tube to the bracket.
Näytetään 1 - 6 / 6 tuotteesta