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Qwiqr & Slide

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Admiral Staging Qwiqr clamp part
Tuotekoodi: RIHASL44
The Admiral Qwiqr is the next generation sliding connector for clamps. Two separate locking switches will provide you the safest lock possible. Two outwards positioned indicators will show you the product is properly double locked and no further attention is needed. The clamp part now is secured by two individual locks. Furthermore, the clamp part is spring loaded to avoid backlash. Disassembly of the parts is even quicker. Push the clamp part inwards into the housing, press both locking switches and slide the hook outwards. The Qwiqr is a further development of the well-known slide and all parts are compatible for use. Design registered in the EU
Näytetään 1 - 2 / 2 tuotteesta